Study: A Simple Surgery Checklist Saves Lives

Sticks and stones may break your bones — but if you need surgery, the right words used in the operating room can be more powerful than many drugs. New research published today in the New England Journal of Medicine found that when surgical teams…
Study: A Simple Surgery Checklist Saves Lives


Checklist as a Simple Business Process Improvement Tool

I wanted to share an article on using a checklist to improve your business process.

There is one superior way to make our work at home and in the office simplified and easy and that is with the use of a checklist. No matter what your job is, or whatever tasks you do at home; a checklist is an important tool useful in checking what needs to be done or what things are lacking to complete certain tasks. Aside from finalizing your what-to-do lists, it can also be utilized as a daily reminder of appointments, errands to do, schedule of events, and where problems encountered can be noted. Here are some other ways to use checklists in your business.

Checklist: Simple Business Process Improvement Tool