New Mongo DB Class : MongoDB Advanced Deployment and Operations


Mongo DB is offering an advanced course for MongoDB DBA’s. This is a follow on to their 102 course for MongoDB DBA’s. The course has not started as I write this, but from the description, it seems to cover more real life use cases. if you have been a MongoDB DBA for a while, I am sure it will be boring, but for those of you who have not run MongoDB in production, it is probably a good course given the cost. Also, these courses are a good way to keep up with the changes to MongoDB.


I have used the courses and I will continue to use the MongoDB classes. I started using MongoDB during the 1.6/1.8 days, when MongoDB was not nearly as polished. To keep up with all the changes, I use the courses as my continuing edication. I take a class and head straight to the quizzes and homework. Usually I just breeze through them without spending too much time. When I run into a quiz where I cannot answer, it is usually a new feature that has been added to MongoDB. Then I go through the videos, and “keep my tools sharp”.


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