NoSQL Popularity – Comparing MongoDb, Riak, Redis and CouchDb


Starting the new year, I wanted to take a look at the most popular NoSQL databases as rated by searches on Google. The more people search for a database, the more popular it should be, given as unscientific as this kind of poll is.

The graph below is a popularity contest, it shows how many times users searched for the term. It doe not represent which database is better. I would never do a chart on which database was better, I would not want to start a religious war, and spend my day answering comments.


I used Google Zeitgeist to examine four popular NoSQL databases. MongoDb, Riak, Redis and CouchDb. ( Click on the image to see a larger image )


So what can we learn from this chart.

MongoDB – Strong and growing in popularity. Yeah ! Since the name of the blog is The Mongo DBA, you probably know I am biased.

Riak – I thought Riak was more popular, and I was surprised at the result. Que sera sera ( Which is french for ‘Whatever’ )

Redis – Has pretty much flat lined. I think Redis had it’s day, and we have reached ‘peak Redis’

CouchDb – CouchDb is declining, which is almost as surprising as the results from Riak.


If you are looking at a popular NoSQL database, look at Redis and MongoDb. The have more ‘mindshare’ and more visibility in the open source community.

This is my humble opinion, so take it with a grain of salt. Riak and CouchDB are written in Erlang and that may have something to do with the popularity of the database. It is a lot easier to gain open souce traction if hackers can us ‘C’ which was used to write Redis and MongoDb.

I did try to search for Cassandra, but Cassandra is a popular word that lots of non database results appear over reporting ‘Cassandra‘. If you look for Apache Cassandra, you miss a lot of posts, under reporting ‘Apache Cassandra


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